Adams Avenue had become part of the congested downtown area, which rendered the site of the College increasingly unfavorable and prevented further expansion. It became imperative, therefore, to find another location. A property with spacious grounds on Parkway South, at that time outside the city limits appeared eminently suitable, and plans were made for its acquisition. 



Letters of intent to build a new CBC building at the East Parkway campus

The drive took place in 1939 and was organized under the co-chairmanship of Mr. Leslie M. Stratton, Sr., Mr. Edward F. Barry, and Mr. Edmund Orgill. The sum aimed at was $250,000 in pledges, and the amount actually raised far exceeded that. The success of the drive permitted the Brothers to proceed with their plans. During the ensuing 11 months operations proceeded and in June 1940 the dedication ceremony took place.

Brochure for the proposed building. 

In 1939, the proposed cost for building the high school and administration building was $180,000. Adjusted for inflation in today's dollars, this amount would be around $3 million. 

 At the September reopening the total enrollment was 267, with 17 students in the junior college department. The first graduation ceremony on the new location took place on June 1, 1941, on the front lawn, and on this occasion Mr. Coyle Shea addressed the sixty-three graduates.