In 1965, CBC President Brother Luke M. Grande and a council decided to rename CBC's first building on the East Parkway campus, "Kenrick Hall," after Brothers Luke Joseph and Joseph Matthew Kenrick.

"When the campaign for funds was launched for construction on E. Parkway, Brother Luke Joseph and Brother Joseph Matthew were assigned the task of making contacts with their former students. Committees were formed and both of the Kenrick brothers were assigned to head one of the groups. The strenuous effort made by all of the teams of solicitors was crowned with success."

-Brother Leopold, former provincial-emeritus,  Sept. 10, 1965

During this year, Christian Brothers High School relocated to its current 5900 Walnut Grove Road address, making Kenrick Hall exclusively the building for Christian Brothers College. To accommodate its new needs as a college-exclusive building, Kenrick also underwent renovations that included 14 faculty offices, three new laboratories, and student government offices. 


With the relocation of Christian Brothers High School to the 5900 Walnut Grove Road location also came a need to adapt Kenrick Hall for a more collegiate use. Below are proposed floor plans for the 'new' college: