"For 25 years, Christian Brothers High School occupied what [was] a multi-use university building including CBU’s flourishing Department of Education. The chief fundraisers for this first CBC Parkway building were Leslie Stratton, Edward F. Barry, Edmund Orgill, Jeff Gros and Mrs. John J. Shea. Kenrick Hall was designed by Regan & Weller Architects; H.B. Hunter served as building engineer."

Our Enduring Milestones (2003) by Br. Justin Lucian, Br. Terence McLaughlin and Br. Robert Werle.

Groundbreaking on the new CBC building begins with a ceremony on campus. 


Brother Joseph Matthew passes away. 


Brother Luke Joseph Kenrick, former president of the Christian Brothers College, passes away. 


Barry Hall is constructed, directly neighboring Kenrick Hall. Administration office moves over to Barry and the third floor becomes the center for the School of Arts.


Rosa Deal begins her career at Christian Brothers College. 


CBC building is renamed "Kenrick Hall" in memory of the late Kenrick brothers, Luke Joseph and Joseph Matthew. Christian Brothers High School moves to a new facility at 5900 Walnut Grove Road and began to operate under a separate charter from the university. Classroom space in Kenrick Hall was redesigned as college space.


Kenrick Hall receives a major upgrade to improve the educational experience of its students. Air conditioning is installed. 


Major renovations begin to Kenrick Hall. 


Classes cease in Kenrick Hall and plans begin to emerge for construction of the Rosa Deal School of Arts building. 


Demolition begins on Kenrick Hall and more specifics are announced to build the Rosa Deal School of the Arts.