The Kenrick Memory Project is a collaborative public history endeavor to collect the experiences, moments and memories of the Christian Brothers University community over the last 75 years of its existence at the East Parkway campus.

These memories have been submitted by faculty, staff and alumni who each hold special recollections of their time at CBU, and more importantly, of Kenrick Hall. The 75 year-old building is slated to be demolished in June 2015 to make way for the new Rosa Deal School of the Arts building to be completed in late 2016. This site serves as a digital space to feature those memories by creating a multimedia experience for all members of the CBU community through imagery, text, and visual content that reflects the rich association with a great institutional monument. It is only through remembering where we have been that we can know where we will go, and this site aims to accomplish that. Kenrick Hall has helped shape the lives of tens of thousands of individuals throughout its 75-year history, and has been the cornerstone of the Lasallian education that Christian Brothers University aims to instill in its students. To submit your memories, CLICK HERE

This project is a joint venture of the CBU Office of Advancement, CBU Honors Program, The Rosa Deal School of Arts, Plough Library, and CBU Alumni.

Special thanks to Amber Campbell (History, Class of 2017) for her thorough research and interviews, and to Caroline Mitchell Carrico (History, Class of 2010), for directing the Kenrick Memory Project.

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