Last week a construction crew began the process of dismantling important sections of Kenrick Hall in an effort to preserve its legacy for future generations. On Monday morning, a crane carefully removed the iconic copper cupola that sat atop Kenrick Hall since its beginning. The Cupola once held a bright light beacon that would indicate whether a CBC game or other major event on campus was happening that night.

CORRECTION: The Cupola will be preserved entirely and remain intact. Wood from Kenrick Hall will be recycled and turned into office furniture and fixtures in the coming year. We are sorry for the misinformation. 

Check out the video below of the construction crew taking down cupola from the roof of Kenrick Hall:


Also part of the preservation efforts was the detachment of slate black boards from classrooms on the first and second floors of Kenrick Hall. These boards are slated to be cut into sections that will be made available to CBU alumni in the coming months as well. 

In addition, bricks from the bridge connecting Barry and Kenrick Hall are being removed to patch up the side of Barry Hall once the bridge is torn down during the demolition later this month. 

The rest of this week construction crews will be demolishing the remainder of Kenrick Hall. Check back for more media and updates related to Kenrick Hall.

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